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Entertainment and recreation in Jaipur

Aside from all the historical places that Jaipur is proud of, there are quite a good number of places for entertainment and recreation in Jaipur. No matter of what age you are, The Pink City has a really wide array of options for entertainment and recreation for you. You can take pleasure in theatres, cinemas, puppet shows and endless. Theatres and cinemas are popular medium for entertainment and recreation in Jaipur.


There are several auditoriums wide-spread in Bangalore to the interest of Jaipur citizens. These halls are considered as prime points of Jaipur entertainment and recreation.

Ashirwad Vivah Sthal

It’s a popular function hall at one of the prime locations of the city, Adarsh Nagar. The big and drudgery hall with fairly large seating capacity is the pride of the city. Call + (91)-(141) - 260 0950 for booking.

B M Birla Auditorium

Being one of the largest auditoriums in India, BM Birla Audi is one of the epicenters of entertainment and recreation in Jaipur. It is able to make a room for 1350 heads at a a time. The interactive science gallery, computer centre and library serves as supplementary to the main hall. Call + (91)-(141) - 238 5094 for booking and enquiry.

Royals Exhibition Hall

Royals Exhibition hall is a venue here many of the cultural programs of the city are held. Ring V for booking.

Adventure Sports

There is not enough room for adventure sports in Jaipur though Rambagh Golf Club serves as an ideal place for enthusiasts. Established in 1944, the Rambagh Golf Club is conveniently located and offer short term and long term golf courses to aficionados. Calling + (91)-(141) - 238 5482, 514 3421 may put some more light on this.


Jaipur as a place has been chosen several times for shooting of various Bollywood films. Jaipur cinema halls do not fall much back as they also get crowded in weekends and holidays. These movie halls in Jaipur are therefore considered as prime points of entertainment and recreation in Jaipur.

Galaxy Cinema

Galaxy Cinema is one of the best movie-hubs in Jaipur. The cinema hall with first-rate sound system, marvelous picture quality and excellent sound system has a good bistro as well. Call + (91)-(141) - 239 7690 to know which film is going on now.


INOX, as in all other metros of India, have extended their reach in Jaipur too. In Sardar Patel Marg, the INOX Jaipur is a three screened multiplex with 849 seating capacity. There are push-back seats and a life-size lobby that are a plus to this cinema hall of Jaipur.

Raj Mandir

Raj Mandir is one of the preeminent halls in India as the artifacts inside the hall are pretty amusing. Call + (91)-(141) - 511 6511 for booking/enquiry.

Fun Cinema

The two screen multiplex cinema hall with 380 seating capacity has a fine-rate sound system, large screen and a sumptuous food court.

Nightlife in Jaipur

And now some tidbits for the party animals! Jaipur nightlife is as vivacious as in all the other parts of the country. Discos and pubs are out there that can make your stay in the city of Jaipur a memorable one. But it’s a matter of fact that this new trend of going wild after zero hours has emerged only in the last decade. Rambagh, Heightz at Hotel Man Geoffrey's at Park Plaza, Singh and Waves (Maharani's Palace) are some good places to chill out. Several good snack bars are there for a quieter night out.

Art Galleries in Jaipur

There are a good many of art galleries for the intellectuals’ entertainment and recreation in Jaipur. Kanchan Art Gallery (Tel:+(91)-(141)- 220 8379), K.G. Arts India (Tel:+(91)-(141)- 271 0788), Samanvai Art Gallery (Tel:+(91)-(141)- 511 4400), Juneja Art Gallery (Tel:+(91)-(141)- 236 7448), Shankar's Art Gallery (Tel:+(91)-(141)- 321 7181) are to name a few.