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Weather and Climate in Jaipur

Weather and Climate in Jaipur

Being located within the desert area, the weather and climate in Jaipur is warm. The city experiences three important seasons, summer, monsoon and winter. Located at an altitude of 431m above the sea level, the Pink City of Jaipur is influenced by an extreme Climate very similar to parts of North India. Temperatures vary largely in summers and winters. Having a hot semi-arid climate, the city receives an average annual rainfall of more than 650 milli metres.

The climate and weather in Jaipur is generally hot. The month of March marks the beginning of summers in Jaipur which continues till the month of June. The maximum temperature in Jaipur during the summer season is 45 o C.

Although Jaipur doesn’t receive much rainfall, yet the Monsoon showers wash the city in July which is followed by thunderstorms and dust. As the monsoons are over, the post monsoon month of September again brings back the hot spell in the city.

The winters dominate Jaipur from the months of October till March. The climate in Jaipur during the times of winter is cold and pleasant with temperatures going down to 5o C at night. The winter days are sunny and bright in Jaipur. The winter evenings in Jaipur witnesses fogs covering the entire city of Jaipur.

The weather and climate in Jaipur is scorching throughout the summers on one hand and chilled in the winters. So if you are visiting the city in the summer season, then carry light colored cotton clothes while in winters woolen clothes are recommended.

The best time to visit Jaipur is during the winter that is in the months of October to March since the weather in Jaipur during this time is pleasant, comfortable and ideal for a tour to Jaipur.