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Food and Dining in Jaipur

Food and Dining in Jaipur

Jaipur is a destination known for its royal and mouthwatering food. Jaipur is a home to several authentic fine dining restaurants that serve mouth watering cuisines. Savor the royal food in the land of “Pink City” that offers unique food of the region. Jaipur is famous and well known for its rich food. As far as food and dining in Jaipur is concerned, most of the delicacies that are served in the restaurant are vegetarian specialties. Jaipur is even known for its excellent sweets.

Apart from the local food there are several international restaurants in Jaipur that offer Italian, Chinese and Thai delicacies in Jaipur. The restaurants in Jaipur are managed by professional chefs and offer excellent dining experience to its guests.

Traditional Food in Jaipur

Dal batti and Churma, which resembles like the chapatti, the flat Indian bread is the main food that is consumed by the local people. Dal is one of the special dishes prepared from pulses. Churma is an excellent dish wherein bati is crushed and mixed with sugar. A lot of Ghee (butter oil) is used for the recipe.

Bajre ki roti is a famous delicacy among the Rajasthani food. Bajra is the main agricultural food grain of the region. People of Jaipur even eat roti with gud (molasses) and chhachh (fat less yogurt). Makke ka khichdi is a prime food prepared by maize.

Curry Dishes of Jaipur

Kadhi, gatte ki sabji, tinde ki sabji, matar paneer, mirchi ki tipori etc are some of the mouthwatering vegetarian curries and dishes of the region. The localities pronounce Sabji as Sabzi. Matar and tinda (vegetables) of Jaipur offer excellent authentic flavor.

Salted Food Item of Jaipur

Dal ki kachoudi is also a delicious diet of the region. Kalmi bada, mogar, choula, Sev are some of the salted food item in Jaipur. Gheewalon ka Rasta in Johri bazar in Jaipur is known for its kanji bada.

Sweet Dishes of Jaipur

Jaipur offers several wide varieties of sweet dishes like Mishri mawa, gulab sakri, gilebdar petha mostly prepared with mawa and sugar. Phini and ghewar are some of the authentic fried variety of the city of Jaipur. Paneer ka ghewar and dudh ki phini are yummy delights. Choguni ka laddu and mohan thal are excellent fried varieties of sweets. There are other varieties of sweets that are delicious are rasogolla, gulab jamun, badam ki barfi, mawe ki kachoudi found in sweet shops of Jaipur.

Some of the names of the restaurants are listed here that offer authentic food of Rajasthan:

Gulab Mahal Restaurant
Taj Jai Mahal Palace
Jacob Road, Civil Lines,
Jaipur - 302006, Rajasthan (India)
Telephone: 2223636

Chokhi Dhani Restaurant
Tonk Road,
19km south of Jaipur,
via Vatika,
Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)

Suvarna Mahal Restaurant
Taj Rambagh Palace,
Bhawani Singh Road,
Jaipur - 302 005, Rajasthan (India)

The Palace Cafe
The City Palace,
Jaipur - 302 001, Rajasthan (India)
Telephone: 2616449, 2437344

Surabhi Restaurant
Old Amer Road
Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)
Telephone: 2635954, 2633953, 2633931

LMB Restaurant
Johari Bazar,
Jaipur - 302 001, Rajasthan (India)
Telephone: 2565844

Laxmi Misthan Bhandar
LMB Hotel, Johri Bazar, Jaipur 302 00
Phone: +91 141 256 5844

Hotel Mansingh, Sansar Chandra, Jaipur
Phone: + 91 141 237 8771