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Shopping in Jaipur

About - Shopping in Jaipur

If shopping is your passion then you are sure to fall a prey to Jaipur. A city that is known worldwide for its numerous markets Jaipur is a true shopper’s paradise. No matter what you are in search off you are sure to find it in one of the markets of this city. Usually frequented by large group of girls for the sole purpose of shopping Jaipur offers the most exclusive range of merchandize that are sure to sweep you off your feet. A city full of vibrant colors and life the markets of Jaipur are a portrayal of the vivacious culture of Jaipur. Known to be the perfect place to shop for , textiles, metalwork and leather ware, handicrafts, antiques, jewelry, gems, pottery and carpets, travelers from all parts of the country and world flood the different shopping centers of this city.

Most of the people who travel to Jaipur make it a point to visit the bustling markets of the city and shop for exquisite handicraft items. Famous for the traditional art of dyeing, Jaipur is one of the places that offers beautifully dyed textiles. Jauhari Bazaar is one of the best places to shop for tie-and-dye items in Jaipur. Apart from handicrafts silver jewellery, handcrafted footwear, semi-precious stones are other wonderful shopping items in Jaipur. You can also shop for showpieces that are exclusive to this city like miniature handcrafted elephants, horses and camels. Shopping is an exciting activity in Jaipur and no tour to Jaipur is complete without a shopping spree in Jaipur's colorful bazaars.

About – Jaipur Specialites

Shopping consist of an integral part of any trip to Jaipur. Be it the shopping mall, departmental stores, retail outlets or markets or open air bazaars Jaipur offers them all in plenty. Ranging from the best brands to the most exotic range of hand made products the pink city never fails to charm you with its diversified range of merchandize. Jaipur is said to be home to some of the finest handicraft centers of the country. Some of the exclusive handicrafts that are the specializations of this region include block printed and dyed textiles (bandhani), kundan jewelry, exquisitely carved ivory objects, blue pottery finest knotted carpets Jaipuri quilts, precious and semi precious stones, lac bangles, leather ware and hand woven durries

About – Jaipur Famous markets

The markets in Jaipur where you are sure to find the widest range of handicrafts and artifacts include Jauhari Bazar, Bapu Bazar, Kishanpol Bazar, Haldiyon Ka Rasta, Mahiharon Ka Rasta, M.I. Road. The collections at these markets are sure to leave you mesmerized. A trip to Jaipur is surely incomplete if you have not visited any of the above mentioned markets. Shopping is the most exciting activity in the Pink City and no tour to Jaipur is complete without a shopping spree in the colorful bazaars’s of Jaipur.