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Places to shop in Jaipur

A heaven for the shopaholics Jaipur is among the best shopping destinations in India. Offering a whole variety of merchandize Jaipur is infested with malls, Markets and different retail stores. Jaipur has a number of bazaar that specialize in a particular product or products and you can choose from the most assorted range of goods. Visited by tourists from India and different parts of the globe for its many attractions the pink city offers some of the most colorful and lively markets in the country.

Famous for its handicraft items and artifacts Jaipur is a wonderful destination for shopping. Known as a thriving hub for many arts and crafts the city invites craftsmen and artisans from different parts of the country who come and settle in Jaipur. The most important part of the handicrafts and artifacts of Jaipur is that they reflect the cultural heritage of the city that charms most of the foreign travelers.

The city of Jaipur is a true shopping haven and buying souvenirs is an important part of many a holiday. However, when shopping in Jaipur, do be prepared to haggle, as shopkeepers hike their prices for tourists in a rush, and when pushed, will drop them quite substantially. Look out for the Rajasthali government emporium on MI Road, and also the chichi stores, which all tend to fix prices.

Popular for its diversified range of jewelry Jaipur is a ladies delight. If jewelry is what you like then plan your next trip to this city. Apart from offering jewelry with different stones and gems Jaipur is renowned for its Kundan and Meenakari jewelry. Special to Jaipur these forms of jewelry require a prerequisite skill and expertise that is mostly found in this part of the world. The finishing of this type of jewelry is simply amazing. Mostly worn by brides on their weddings this kind of jewelry is expensive because of the stones and hardwork that goes behind them

Johari Bazaar

It is no hidden truth that Jaipur is one of the best places in the country for purchasing different types of jewelry. If you are a lover of gold silver platinum or even fashion jewelry then the Johari Bazaar is sure to bedazzle you. Among the best markets in the city Johari Bazaar is especially known for precious, semi-precious stones and traditionally designed jewelry. Reputed as the jeweler's market of the city this bazaar offers a plethora of necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and other pieces of jewelry, made of silver, platinum or gold and studded with the most assorted range of precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pearls. The market houses numerous shops that display their merchandize in different ways only to leave you tempted.

Tripolia Bazaar

The ideal destination for all housewives the Tripolia Bazaar is located in the heart of the city. Tripolia Bazaar known for its exotic collection of ironware, brassware, carpets, utensils, rugs, textiles, furniture, trinkets and range of other items is the best place for you to pick up items for home d├ęcor and household usage. Most of the brassware ironware and carpets that are sold in this market are generally handmade by the natives of the villages situated around Jaipur. Known for their indo ethnic designs the stocks in this market are a huge tourist puller. People especially from different parts of the world pick up a whole lot of decorative items from this market due to their colorful hues and absolute traditional designs.

Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar

If you like to adorn your feet with beautiful sandals hop into the Bapu Bazaar or the Nehru Bazaar. Popular throughout the world the Mojri is exclusive to Jaipur. The market that displays the most exciting range of Mojris is the Bapu Bazaar. Made up of soft leather and embroidered with different designs , the footwear is available in vibrant colors and at absolutely low prices. Locally termed as 'Juti', this particular footwear is the forte of Jaipur. Apart from comfortable and stylish footwear this market also shelters a number of shops dealing in western and Indian garments. You can also find a variety of original leather goods like belts, bags and purses.