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Jaipur Shopping Guide

About – Shopping in Jaipur

When it comes to splurging your hard earned money you always want to make the best of it. Known as a shopper’s paradise Jaipur is also famous for everything under the sun. One of the hottest tourist destinations in India Jaipur is a true manifestation of the tradition and culture of India. You can find a tinge of the tradition in almost all the things of this city. Be it the cuisine, architecture, jewelry, textiles or handicrafts in Jaipur all exude the vibrancy of a royal culture.

Jaipur is a major textile hub of the nation. Famous for the most exquisite range of bandhej (tie and dye) that is exclusive to the state Jaipur is a craze with the youngsters of country. Since Jaipur is surrounded with small towns that are highly developed industrially and possess a lot of skilled labor textiles is one of the most booming industries.

One of the best places in the country to shop for antiques Jaipur has one of the largest collections of some of the oldest antiques in the world. Jaipur is also a wonderful place to shop for quilts. Jaipuri quilts are very renowned for their quality and weight. Mostly made of the finest quality of textiles these quilts are a major source of the exports of the country.

Jaipur is also reputed for its stone carvings. The stone and marble carving industry is also a famous art of Jaipur. The stone used is either procured from within Jaipur or from the marble mines of Makrana, the famous quarry that provided all the marble stone for one of the wonders of the world at Agra the Taj Mahal The carvings portraits and busts created in Jaipur are held in high esteem everywhere.

Below is a list of the important shopping centers in Jaipur

Jauhari Bazaar

One of the primary markets in Jaipur Jauhari Bazaar is one of the most frequented markets in the city. Popular for its range of some of the city’s finest traditional and stylish jewelry this market is an absolute treat for the jewelry lovers. Offering a number of stalls that are stacked with the most unique forms of gold, silver, platinum, diamond and other gemstones jewelry this market if a huge crowd puller. Even popular for some of the best fabrics that are designed with authentic Rajasthani prints this market is one of the best places to find traditional clothing’s and jewelry

Metro Mall

Among the most reputed malls of the region Metro mall is situated close to the major tourist attractions of Jaipur. Based on international standards this mall provides everything under one roof. Ranging from apparels to jewelry to household goods this shopping mall houses a number of stores. If you like brands then you are sure to fall in love with this mall. Metro Mall is home to some of the most sought after national and international malls.

Kishanpol Bazaar

One of the largest street markets in Jaipur Kishanpol Bazaar offers the widest selection of fabric stalls, jewelry stores. The best things about this market is that apart from offering the most exotic range of stocks the market has provides a number of small tea joints that offer authentic Rajasthani snacks. If you like shopping among the hustle and bustle of city life then this is exactly where you should be.

Tripolia Bazaar

A market famous for authentic leather goods the tripolia Bazaar is entirely dedicated to an infinite collection of shops specializing in camel leather handicrafts such as sandals, shoes and purses. Finding pure leather goods at such affordable rates is close to impossible.

Sandeep Department Store

A popular departmental store in Jaipur Sandeep Departmental Store is a centrally air-conditioned luxury store that is huge and stocks almost everything under the sun. Mostly reputed for its variety of electronic goods and accessories this store enhances the entire shopping experience because of its pleasant ambience and range of merchandize.