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Lakes in Jaipur

Jaipur is a city which attracts tourist from round the year towards its architectural fort, lush green garden and magnificent lakes. Sambhar is one of the smallest towns in Jaipur which is recognized for its largest saline lake. Sambhar is popularly recognized as the Salt Lake City. Several royal rulers of Jaipur possess the lake and it is even said that Jaipur and Jodhpur have owned the lake during their ruling periods.

Sambhar Lake is ideally situated almost 65 km from Jaipur along the rail routes of Phulera. The lake is the chief source for salt production. The Sambar Lake is separated by a 5-km long dam which is made of 190 sq km almost at a full length.

Presently it is run by the Sambhar Salts Limited, which is a joint undertaking taken by the Hindustan Salts and the Government of Rajasthan.

Sambhar Lake is spread to an area of 22.5 kms. The lake is fed by several seasonal freshwater streams, two of the major ones being the rivers Mendha and Rupangarh.

Along the eastern part of the dam, one would find a rail trolley system that was initially developed by the British in order to traverse the dam and to get right of entry to the various outlying points along the salt work area. One can visit the salt laboratory and the salt museum of the place.

Sambhar Lake is a beautiful place where horizons stretch to infinity, where water and sky merge together. Sambhar has been classified as a Ramsar site as it is the place where several flamingos and other birds migrate from northern Asia during the winter season.

Incase you are a bird-lovers; explore this beautiful lake where the main attractions are the Flamingos. Several tourists from round the world visit the lake for its beautiful, tall and dainty birds with their ballerina tutus that thrive on spirulina algae. The other birds that thrive here are pelicans, Storks, sandpipers, redshanks, black-winged stilts, coots, and shovelers.

According to ancient stories, 2,500 years ago the epic Mahabharata, Raja Yayati, was the emperor of Bharatvarsh (India) and a descendant of Lord Brahma the Creator, wedded Devyani, daughter of Shukracharya (the guru of demons) who is said to live by this lake.

Ramgarh Lake in Jaipur:

Ramgarh is yet another famous lake in Jaipur almost 25kms from the city of Jaipur. This lake is known for its huge artificial lake. The lake is surrounded by trees covered from al ends. In the rainy season, the lake gets flooded with water; the lake is mostly popular as a picnic spot. Ramgarh Lake is spread to 4 kms in length and 2 kms in width.